With IQ Gen technology
you can:

Get more power from existing
power generators


 Get the same amount of energy
from smaller power generators


Obtain energy in a stable
and optimal way even
with variable rotations.


Our technology can work
with small or big power generators.


Our technology gets 5X
more energy from a 3W dynamo.


Don’t change your power generators –
you only need to add our driver.


Hybrid and electric vehicles. Smaller weight, smaller size, more energy.

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Drones and planes. More possibilities instantly. Lighter and smaller.

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Renewable energy

Small wind power. Increase amount of energy received.

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Become our partner

We currently look for partners from automotive, aviation or renowable energies industries.

Go to page and read more about collaboration oportunities here or contact us directly at pawel.wiktor@lgm.io.