“Recent data confirm that consumption
of fossil fuels accounts for the majority
of global anthropogenic GHG emissions.
Emissions continue to grow and CO2
concentrations had increased to over 390 ppm,
or 39% above prein- dustrial levels, by the end of 2010.”

Renowable Energy sources and climate change mitigation, IPCC


Est. share of energy from
renowable sources in 2020


Est. investment sector into
energy sector between 2015-2040


Number of countries with more
than 10000 MW installed energy
from small wind turbine


Growth of wind small turbine
from 2014 to 2015

Small wind turbine industry

Small wind turbine industry Renowable sources are the future of energy sector. Growing demand of energy with simultaneous environmental hazards are forcing us to find better methods of obtaining energy.

Renewable energy technologies have significant potential for implementation because the resources are scattered around the world, in contrast to conventional sources, such as gas, coal and oil, which are more geographically concentrated.

With our technology, we can obtain more energy from small wind turbine devices and save more.

IQ Gen™ use in SWT industry

IQ Gen™ multiples power gained from your turbine so you can gain more energy from it or replace it with smaller substitute.

Our technology is scalable, effective and universal. Read more here >

Partnership opportunities

LGM seeks for partners from automotive industry to joint efforst for finding better use of IQ Gen™ technology. Let’s collaborate!

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