“That bright blue ball rising over the moon’s surface,
containing everything we hold dear – the laughter of children,
a quiet sunrise, all the hopes and dreams of posterity –
that’s what’s at stake. That’s what we’re fighting for.
And if we remember that, I’m absolutely sure we’ll succeed.”

Barack Obama, 2013


Increase of global
sea level every year.


Increase of global
temperature since 1880


Global increase of
carbon dioxide since 2005

Planet Earth is all we have. Let's take care of it.

Over the last decade we experience more and more severe symptoms of climate change.

At LGM, we believe in creating a better future through delivering and implementing our technology to each sector in which it may be used.

Let’s obtain energy more efficiently and through that contribute to protecting what is all for all. Our Planet.

LGM and sustainability

How do we want to contribute in creating
a better tomorrow for Our Planet?


Our team is highly skilled in fighting with pollution and creating strategies for sustainability. We have worked in past with global organizations experiencing enviromental problems all over the world.

We pay attention and take responsibility for impact of our technology on enviroment. It means to us not only having sustainability always in mind, but also educating next generations. For now we focus on our employees but it’s just a beginning.

LGM impact

Our technology has direct and simple to understand impact on environment. We increase efficiency of power generators. More energy obtained from current power generator means either less power generators or bigger amount of energy. More energy means more opportunities.

What can you do with opportunities? Well. We hope you know the answer: sky is the limit.

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