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LGM seeks for potential collaborations within industries with power generators use.
We want to participate in joint works on obtaining energy more effectively.

Possible ways of collaboration

How can we work together?

Joint efforts

We look for partners who are willing to link efforts towards obtaining more energy from already existing power generators with involving their R+D team and sharing their tools, man-force and know-how.


We are open for investments made especially towards chosen industry such as aviation (with emphasis on drones), automotive or renewable sources.

Business partner

Become our business partner and be a part of LGM's journey into new industry. If you have know-how, network or necessary experience - help us to disrupt different sectors!

Areas of interest

Coming soon.

Contact us - let's work together

We will be more than happy to answer any of your questions! Feel free to contact us here:

Pawel Wiktor
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