“It’s not clear how cars will change
in the coming years, but automakers
and suppliers no longer have the luxury
of sitting out the transformation.”

Strategy& – 2016 Auto Industry Trends”


Share of automotive
in total energy spent in US.


European CO2 emission
comes from cars.


CO2 limit set by UE.
It has to be reached till 2021.


Total number of cars
sold worldwide in 2016.

Size and weight of power generator


IQ Gen™ multiples power gained from your power generator. It makes it possible to replace your power generator with smaller and ligher replacement or simply gain more energy.

Car will get more energy that will save fuel. It can be also used for autonomous drive on electric power when eg. parking or driving at low speed.

Boosting starter and alternator


Smaller dimensions and more efficient starter for mild hybrid. It translates to significantly higher torque and through that – saving fuel (part of the power coming from energy stored in the battery).

Full potential of regenerative brake


IQ Gen™ multiples power gained from regenerative brake and through that – it increases driven distance of hybrid and electric cars. It allows also to power more electronic and electric devices on board.


Public transportations lacks energy which can be used towards additional functionalities such as better air conditioning. With IQ Gen™ this problem might be easily resolved with simple installation of our driver.

Example use in buses

Example use in buses with energy obtained thanks to IQ Gen energy you can:

1. Install electric air conditioning, which will provide vehicle stable source of energy, even at low engine speeds – it will be possible to switch off the engine while stops.

2. Boost energy obtained from regenerative breaking and use it to power interactive information panels, tickets machines or lighting. We reduce the number of generators in the buses which translates into a lower weight and lower fuel use.

Partnership opportunities

LGM seeks for partners from automotive industry to joint efforst for finding better use of IQ Gen™ technology. Let’s collaborate!

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